How to choose your first hair wig a guide for men

How to Choose and Wear Your First Wig for Men

How to Choose and Wear Your First Wig for Men

It could appear a little intimidating.

However, did you know?

You’re not alone—millions of people wear wigs every day.
It’s possible that you are unaware that even your coworkers and neighbours wear wigs!

This is due to the fact that modern wigs appear more gorgeous and natural than before.
In actuality, the biggest stars of today don wigs not just on the red carpet and in films, but also in regular life.

Even if it isn’t your first wig, you might pick up some new advice that will help you choose your future wig.

Here are the 5 factors that go into finding the perfect wig to achieve a more beautiful you:

  • Hairstyle
  • Length
  • Texture
  • Color
  • Cap Size

What Style Wig Should I Choose?

You can pick from hundreds, if not thousands, of various wig styles.
Additionally, if you’re going to be wearing a wig for the first time, you might feel a little reserved about the whole thing. However, don’t worry—you shouldn’t be afraid!

The style you want is now available with wigs, which have substantially improved over time and now blend in with your scalp and facial features.

Consider choosing a wig that more closely resembles your present or past hairstyle for your first wig.

The continued care and styling of your hair will be simpler if you stick to what you are accustomed to.

Short wigs are undoubtedly preferable in humid climates or if you feel like your body is constantly warm. You may feel warmer throughout the day if the wig is longer than you are (just like if real hair is longer). Additionally, short wigs can cost less and are quicker to style, dry, and maintain.

However, the decision is yours; don’t let a lack of funds prevent you from getting the style you want.

What Face Shape Do You Have?
Not your own preference should be the deciding factor when choosing your wig style.

As an alternative, carefully examine which wig style complements your facial shape.

Even if you can have a preference for a particular wig type, it’s crucial to consider which wig would best accentuate your face and head form.

This will enable you to select the wig’s length, texture, and general style.

Following are the many facial shapes and the finest fashion choices for each:

Oval-Shaped Face

You can wear practically any style if your face is proportionately balanced and balanced. The greatest wigs for you are off the face.

Wigs with thick bangs or a lot of forward direction should be avoided since they can give the impression that your face is heavier than it actually is.

Round-Shaped Face

The styles that successfully heighten and give fullness to your crown of hair are your greatest options.

These wig designs have asymmetrical portions.

It would be best if you wore shorter wigs with a swept-back style or ones that extended past your chin.

Avoid centre parts, extremely short cropped styles, fullness at the sides of the ears, chin-length hair with a rounded line that closely resembles the circular shape of your face, and very short cropped styles.

Square-Shaped Face

The finest wigs for this face shape are those that are short to medium in length. You should look especially gorgeous in people with waves or roundness around the face.

Be careful to choose wigs that add height to the crown of your head, have off-center portions, or have wispy bangs. Layers and wispy styles beautifully soften your naturally square face.

Your symmetrical face shape will be lengthened by the added height of your wig at the top of your head.

Your symmetrical features will be complemented with curls or waves, which will enhance your attractiveness. Avoid long, straight haircuts, straight bangs, straight bangs with wavy lines, and centre parts.

If you wear a rounded wig that doesn’t go past your chin, it will probably make the widest part of your face look fuller and wider.

Oblong or Rectangular-Shaped Face

Short or medium-length wig designs are your finest options because they can shorten the length of your face.

For instance, it’s generally not a good idea to get a wig that extends past your shoulders.

Look for wigs with layers if you want to soften the sharp angles of your face. Wigs with side portions might aid you in reducing the geometric aspect of your face.

With delicate, wispy-banged wigs, you can make your longer face appear shorter.

Look for wigs that have fullness at the sides if you want to make your face appear wider.

Heart-Shaped Face

Your best options are chin-length or longer wig designs, such as side-parted hair, hair that is swept forward in layers around your upper face, and even bangs that are softly wispy.

A chin-length bob can be ideal for you because it gives you fullness in all the appropriate places and balances your appearance.

You might look good with shorter wig lengths. However, it should be mentioned that if you have a really intense heart-shaped face, a wig style that successfully adds weight to your neck’s back nape area will work best for you.

Your face will appear longer with an even narrower chin if the wig gives the impression of having too much weight at the top.

This will allow you to enjoy beautiful balance between your pronounced cheekbones and narrow chin. You should avoid short, full styles with tapered necklines since these tend to put more attention on the upper part of your face, which can make you look unevenly distributed or top heavy.

Diamond-Shaped Face

Your greatest options with this face shape are actually just about any style you want, as most wigs will flatter the balanced contour of your face.

You’re fortunate to have access to a range of wig options!

Though it should be mentioned that wigs with greater weight in the nape area should be taken into consideration if your face has a more dramatic shape and you are more interested in a short wig style.

You can keep a balanced appearance between your prominent cheekbones and delicate chin by wearing these sorts. Only wigs with a lot of hair should be avoided since they will likely cover up your attractive facial features.

Pear-Shaped Face

The wig styles that encourage the appearance of width at your forehead and temples are the finest options for this sort of face.

This will make it appear as though you have a more oval face, emphasizing the top of your face.

To reduce the breadth at the jawline area of your face, the wig hair should be styled closer to your head on the sites and at the nape. Consider avoiding thick, lengthy wig designs that would draw attention to your jawline.

How Your Daily Lifestyle Effects Your Wig Choice

Do you generally spend most of the day at a desk inside? Or do you engage in sports as part of your extremely active lifestyle?

Choose synthetic wigs or heat-friendly synthetic wigs if you spend the majority of your day indoors at a computer. Although they are not as long-lasting as real hair wigs, you can benefit from a lower price because you won’t be asking as much of your wig.

On the other hand, as they are the most durable, human hair and premium human/Remy hair hybrid wigs will probably serve you better if you are normally more active.

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